by Tin Cans On A String

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released January 9, 2012

This album made possible by:

Travis Whitney and Ben Ayers - Recording, great humor and patience with a silly bunch of people who don't like to take things seriously

Stuart Hawkes - Mandolin, harmonica, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, clapping, and great jokes

DeeDee Catherina - Backing vocals, glockenspiel, clapping, energy, focus, and entertaining us enough to finish this

Rebecca Turner - Vocals, song-writing, acoustic guitar, clapping, silliness

Alan Dahlquist - Banjo, Accordian, making faces

... and countless friends and family who were so supportive encouraging.



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Tin Cans On A String San Luis Obispo, California

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Track Name: Rough Draught
She said, "I'll tickle your fancy"
She said, "I'll make you feel fine
"We'll keep it our little secret
"Just do it this one time."

She said, "No need to romance me
"I'll be right here at your whim.
"I will help you sleep easy;
"I am your new best friend."


"You can hide me in your pocket,
"You can forget my name
"Do it on your own time,
"There's no need to feel shame.
"No strings attached,
"This isn't love, it's a game."

You kept me guessing your schedule
Said you were just working late
I'm breaking down in the kitchen
Are your eyes blue or grey?


Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah
Wah wah wah wah wah wah
Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah
Wah wah wah wah wah wah
Wah wah wah wah,
Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah waaah

Track Name: Huckleberry
Fresh sheets but the pillow's stained
Windowsill dewy and streaked with rain
I always thought my mood controlled the weather

Nose pressed against the window pane,
She hit a parked car, didn't say a thing
Tried to get me to sing along to Apple Bottom Jeans

Stay with me my love, my baby
Who will keep me dry?
Stay with me my Huckleberry;
Leave me and I'll die, I'll die

Putting blankets on his car
Making arrows out of stars,
Oh, the arrow's there,
But it's got nothing to point to

Waterfalls and spider bites,
How he carried me two miles
Telling jokes his dad told him,
They're stupid, yeah, but they made me grin, oh


While I beg and plead for you
To love me like you used to do
The heart that beats for you receives the truth
That this is how it must conclude

Track Name: Royal Flush
Try to keep your head on straight
Keep your heart off of your sleeve
If it's love, it's worth the wait
So why not let it be

Stay your mind on things above
There's nothing you can do right now
If it's God, and if it's love,
You couldn't stop it anyhow

But, oh, wouldn't it be nice to love somebody
Oh, wouldn't it be nice to love

So, I will let the dice fall down
And land where they may
Keep my cards close to my chest
Until I'm certain I can play

But, oh, wouldn't it be nice to love somebody
Oh, wouldn't it be nice to love

Oooooooh, ooh ooooooh's.
Track Name: Let Somebody In
Hold tight, brighter days are just ahead
Don't fight, you know this is for the best
A new day is about to begin,
To love you've got to let somebody in

Chin up, it's the darkest 'fore the dawn
Loose grip, there's no need to be so strong
There's still hope for you yet, you're just a kid
But to love you've gotta let somebody in

Love is hard, it isn't easy
Maybe in part that's why it's appealing

Love is hard, it isn't easy
Maybe in part, that's why it's so freeing

Break free, nothing's stopping you now
You'll see, wipe those worries from your brow
Stop playing games you know you'll never win
'Cause to love, you've gotta let somebody in